Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Blaze vs Breakers thurs night

This weeks NBL action

Thurs: Blaze vs Breakers at NZ unfortunately this game isnt being aired on shitty one hd but is on skytv in nz. If i can find a live stream ill post the link. Otherwise i think this will be a big match with some very good match ups.
The Deleon vs Cedric Jackson match up will be worth watching the game alone. After first seeing these two play in their first games i picked them both to be MVP candidates but as it stands I think Cedric Jackson should get the league MVP for his amazing performance all season.
The Petrie vs Vukona match up will be fierce with a lot contact and physical play to be expected on the boards. Wortho has been down the last few weeks and i think Wilkinson will have the better of him. But if Will Hudson can combine to limit his inside performance Blaze are definitly in with a chance. But to be blunt the blaze can only win this one if everyone on the team turn up to play. Lately there has been a single or two standout players at each game for the blaze but to get the w all will have to show what they've got as genuine title contenders.

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