Sunday, 25 March 2012

NBL Playoff game changers

There is often a player on a team that on their night can completely change the game. Each team in the playoff series has one and in my opinion its the import point guards in each team. The guards and imports in the NBL this year are of amazing quality and i think any given the opportunity could play in the NBA.

Gold Coast Blaze: Adris "2hard2guard" Deleon

Adris Deleon is a straight up baller. Im not sure if i have ever seen a player - in the NBL at least - that has as much skill with the ball. He's a dominican player who has gained the name 2hard2guard in the new York streetball scene where he has taken down NBA players on Dyckman court. Brandon Jennings wanted the name 2hard2guard but was bested by Adris and since coming to the NBL has been tearing the league apart. His first game in the NBL against Perth. 21 points,8 assist, 5 rebounds and 3 steals.

New Zealand Breakers: Cedric Jackson

Cedric Jackson has been playing in the NBA D league and i think deserves a chance in the NBA. Standing 6.4' he has the best chance as a lot of guards this season are short in the 6' range. His high basketball IQ and skill with the ball has filled the enormouse space left by Kirk Penney when he left the Breakers this year. I picked him as MVP of the league the first game of the season and still think he deserves it. The best player on the best team. And when he teams up with the exceedingly athletic Tom Abercrombie they can own a game and be unstoppable.

Townsville Crocodiles: Eddie Gill

Eddie gill has played in several NBA teams and can lead his team to beat any team in the league on the right night. His extensive experience and calm nerves will be required going into the finals. But up against New Zealand in the semi's it will be a difficult challenge for the cagey NBA veteran.

Perth Wildcats Kevin Lisch

Kevin Lisch has been in the NBL for a couple of years now and has been a consistent star for the team. He is the current leading point scorer for the league and any given night is the man to stop. He often makes clutch threes and is not a player you want with the ball as the shot clock is winding down, cause he will find a way to score.


But for all these players the key would be to not allow them the ball at the start and end of a shot clock. Thats when they are most dangerous.

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