Thursday, 8 March 2012

New Zealands 7th sell out of 2012

New Zealand sell out again. The new zealand breakers have sold out for the 7th time this season. wiht only one game not selling out. This is very good for the sport in NZ and AUS. May bring in some strong sponsorship and possibly another team in NZ in years to come if they continue to sell out.
The Breakers have a smart strategy to bring in enthusiasm to the sport.
"The players’ workload in the community is a testament to those objectives and club values. Every week if not most days the club is doing something with schools, community groups and clubs, either through visiting schools in the Auckland region or having them come to the club to experience training, work with the players and be encouraged to take on a healthy and active lifestyle through participation in sport. "
Australian teams need to do more of this. Actively increase crowds through schools and the community by having showcase events and getting the kids involved who make the parents take them to games.

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