Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Patty Mills to the Spurs

Patty Mills is finally getting to play again. He's been recruited by the San Antonio Spurs and should be playing when he can get his visa sorted. The Spurs star point guard Tony Parker injured his hamstring in the recent game against Minnesota and if the move works out Mills should be on the court in the coming games. The assistant coach of the Spurs is Brett Brown the Australian coach. Patty Mills plays under Brett Brown with the Boomers which probably got him the job.

Patty has been in limbo since his controversial dismissal from the Xinjiang Flying Tigers in China and has been itching to play some ball. There were even rumours of him suiting up in Australia's South East Australian Basketball League (SEABL) but that was exaggerated hype there is no way a NBA player would play a bush league like the SEABL. It will be good to see Mills back on the court. Hopefully he'll stay a regular member this time.

The San anotonio Spurs announced today that Patty Mills has got his Visa sorted and will be playing tonight. Mills will be wearing the No. 8 jersey and is expected to get some court time in todays game against the Phoenix Suns. Heres some highlights of his time with the Portland Trailblazers.

The San Antonio Spurs got up over the Pheonix Suns today 107-100. Patty Mills played just under 5 min and got 1 rebound and 1 foul. Was put in just to put some extra pressure on Steve Nash and give Tony Parker a few minutes rest. Mills wasnt able to train with the Spurs as his visa was still not sorted. Hopefully once he gets some training in with his new team he will get some more minutes on the court and maybe rack up some better stats.

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