Monday, 26 March 2012

2hard2guard may play another year

Gold coast import Adris "2hard2guard" Deleon has expressed his interest to stay in the NBL for another year. Deleon is one of the most if not the most exciting player to watch in the league. His speed and skill is a sight to be seen and worth the ticket cost alone and he earns his name as 2hard2guard.

Deleon has flown his agent Marquis Taylor from Mogul Sports Group, out from America to help secure a spot. The gold coast blaze CEO Paul Pamenter however has stated that no new contract will be made until after the finals series. Taylor said "He's definitely looking to come back, it's just a matter of it being the right fit." DeLeon has put his future in the hands of Taylor but said money would not necessarily be the driving force for the deal. Blaze chief executive Paul Pamenter also told local rag the Bulletin earlier this month the Blaze would entertain the idea of retaining DeLeon and fellow import Will Hudson after their efforts this season.

Hopefully we'll see Deleon in a blaze jersey again next year. Here's a clip of 2hard2guard vs Brandon Jennings.

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