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2011/12 IINet NBL Championship awards

The annual NBL and WNBL (huh?) awards took place in Melbourne on Monday night. It's basically one giant circle jerk tinged with washed up stars dressed suits getting wasted on free champagne and telling long boring stories of their glory days to the poor sonofabitches who happen to be stuck at their table. After the ceremony the winners all chip in for coke and hookers and get a room at the crown casino. We don't actually know because we weren't invited, but we assume that is what happened. Here are the results...

MVP: Kevin Lisch - Perth Wildcats

Kevin Lisch took out the Andrew Gaze trophy most valuable player award for this years iinet NBL championships. The stocky American took out the award with 105 votes just ahead of cairns taipans guard Jamar Wilson on 97, with Julian Khazhou coming third and Cedric Jackson in fourth. Lisch has played well all season and made his team far better with his contribution. He has recently married an Australian girl and is contemplating becoming an Australian citizen. He has also spoken of wanting to play internationally for Australia so we may see him suiting up for the boomers in the not too distant future. Lisch led the NBL in scoring at 17.6 points per game and also averaged 3.6 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 1.1 steals per game, appearing in all 28 of the Perth Wildcats matches.

However I still think Cedric Jackson deserved the MVP award but when your surrounded by a team that is as talented as the NZ Breakers it makes the system a bit tough.

Coach of the year: Andrej Lemanis - New Zealand Breakers

Coach of the year went to Andrej Lemanis. Andrej was unfortunate to not get the award last year but really shows his great coaching ability making that team so good even after losing Kirk Penney.

Rookie of the year: Anatoly Bose - Sydney Kings

Rookie of the year was awarded to Anatoly Bose. After returning from college in America Anatoly really blew people out of the water with his speed and surprising height and athletic ability. A lot was expected of Anatoly Bose coming out of impressive college career but few expected he was as good as he is. He averaged 15.5 points, 6.7 rebounds and 1.5 assists for the season. He took out the award as a clear winner with 68 votes, to finish a full 30 ahead of second-placed Everard Bartlett (Adelaide) with 38. More can be expected from Anatoly Bose if he stays in the league but there is no doubt the rookie will have caught the attention of clubs overseas.

Most Improved: Daniel Johnson - Adelaide 36ers (no photo, apparently too ugly)
The Most improved player went to Daniel Johnson with the Adelaide 36ers. Daniel Johnson had a break put season with  averaging 16.5 points, 7.7 rebounds, 1.9 assists and 1.0 blocks. People were even throwing his name around for MVP but don't think he played that well was just on a less talented team. Johnson won the award narrowly from Perth’s Jesse Wagstaff and Townsville’s Jacob Holmes, who finished in a tie for second.  Johnson polled 40 votes, while Holmes and Wagstaff each had 38.

Defensive player of the year: Damian Martin - Perth Wildcats

Damian Martin took out the award for best defensive player for the Perth Wildcats for the second year in a row and once again narrowly beat out New Zealand's Mika Vukona. Gold Coast's Adam Gibson came in third. Damian Martin is renowned for his full court high pressure defence and causes frustation for point guard's across the league. Apparently he can take a punch to the schnoz like a champ too (see picture).

Sixth man award: Jesse Wagstaff - Perth Wildcats

Jesse Wagstaff was awarded the best sixth man award. Wagstaff was the clear winner with 67 votes in front of New Zealand’s Alex Pledger in second place on 20.  Aaron Grabau of Cairns polled third with 15 votes.  The Wildcats star averaged a career-high 11.6 points per game in his reserve role, as well as 3.5 rebounds and 1.5 assists.

All-NBL First Team
Kevin Lisch (Perth) Cedric Jackson (NZ) Julian Khazzouh (Sydney) Mark Worthington (Gold Coast) Tom Abercrombie (NZ)

All-NBL Second Team 
Jamar Wilson (Cairns) Adam Gibson (Gold Coast) Cameron Tragardh (Melbourne) Gary Wilkinson (NZ) Peter Crawford (Townsville)

All-NBL Third Team
Daniel Johnson (Adelaide) Eddie Gill (Townsville) Damian Martin (Perth) Adris Deleon (Gold Coast) Jesse Wagstaff (Perth) Referee of the Year Michael Aylen

Referee of the year: ???
Nobody actually stuck around to see that award because lets face it their all corrupt cheating bastards who call the most ticky-tacky fouls yet turn a blind eye to something so obvious even Helen Keller would have seen it. No wonder we get our asses handed to us in international games when the ref's actually let the teams PLAY BALL.

two words: BUSH LEAGUE

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