Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Andrew Boguts talks about his recent Trade and injuries

Heres a great interview with Andrew Bogut about leaving the Milwaukee Bucks, his injuries and that injury prone tag his been given by the fans and media. It a great read and he's very open about everything. Looks like Bogut is out for the rest of the season and will most likely miss the Olympics for Australia. I'd doubt if Golden State would allow him to play internationally after all the money there spending on him just to get re-injured without playing a single game for them.  But hope you guys enjoy it

Looks like Bogut has just opened a new basketball training facility in South East Melbourne. May be opening a basketball academy. Dont know if thats saying something about the AIS but anyway. Here's a link to a clip of the facility and its equipment for those in the area super keen and think they can go somewhere in the sport.

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