Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Brisbane Bullets may miss another year

The draft of the 2012/2013 NBL championship schedule came out recently with no mention of the new Brisbane based team. The Draft did include however a new melbourne based team with the working name the Knox Bushrangers. Why they choose to call a victorian based team the same as another victorian based cricket team is beyond me, but it is a working title. NBL Manager Chuck Harrison is still hopefull that brisbane can get a team together for the 2012/13 season however it is looking doubtful. ``We're not going to speculate, (the draw) is just a draft at this stage,'' he said.
But Allan Ladewig Southern Districts Basketball general manager was more blunt on Brisbane's chances.``The Brisbane community won't come together and there's no direction from Basketball Queensland,'' he said

On top of this it looks like the sunshine state challange pre season games will not be re-occuring this year and brisbane will not hold any pre season games. However we can still hope for BRisbane team to reform as the statement claimed ``The game schedule for the 2012/2013 National Basketball League (NBL) Season is not yet finalised, and the inclusion or absence of a Brisbane-based team cannot be confirmed at this point in time."

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