Thursday, 14 November 2013

Sanders out and Young in for the Sydney Kings

It was released in the Sydney Morning Herald that Jesse Sanders has been released from the Sydney Kings following this weekends game against the Townsville Crocodiles. Jesse Sanders has played as the Sydney Kings starting point guard but is to be released after round 6 to allow for 4 year NBA player Sam Young into the line up. Sanders played the point guard position, for the Kings and played to the framework that head coach Shane Heal laid out for him, however in the cut throat business of import basketball it was unlucky for him that such a star became available to the Kings especially in the revelation that James Ennis has been for the Perth Wildcats and the NBL. Sam Young and the Sydney Kings may have become the team to finally take down the unbeaten Perth Wildcats. This however has left a large gap in the point guard position for the Kings with 3 shooting guards in Ben Madgen, Charles Carmouche and James Harvey maybe they will split the point guard position between them. Some think that the Kings are still yet to find a new import guard who may still take Charles Carmouche's position in the squad to fill that gap in an otherwise very well rounded team. The Kings are still also waiting for power forward Cody Ellis to enter the squad and must be hoping to turn their season around after round 7.

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