Monday, 18 November 2013

Round 6 weekend wrap up sort of

For a weekend wrap up of this round you might as well check out my weekend preview for the round. I managed to predict every game correctly and made some money with a 5 game bet.

The only comment ill give is on the Breakers vs Adelaide game where the Adelaide 36ers managed to pull off a win with 4 seconds left on the clock and down by 1 Gary Ervin got a steal on the inbound pass and break away drive making the lay up on the buzzer to win the game by 1. It was a great game and one that the Breakers were unlucky not to win. Their losing streak at home continues this season lets hope they can turn their form around soon before the season gets away from them. Check out the highlights from the game to see the play it should be on the NBL website. The Adelaide 36ers are looking like a whole new team with a new coach and a couple of new imports. Joey likes a team that goes 10 deep and this team easily does. At one point in the game no starters were on the floor and they still looked dangerous.

The top four teams at the end of the season look like it will be the Perth Wildcats, Adelaide 36ers, Melbourne Tigers and the Sydney Kings, with the new signings that the Kings and Tigers announced. It's looking like a great season ahead and plenty of time for the other teams to make a move and get their game together. But with NBA player and future NBA player like Sam Young and James Ennis in the line ups it will be a tough night for any team coming up agains the Kings or Wildcats. And thats without mentioning the 10 deep team Adelaide has and the exceptional form Tigers guard Chris Goulding has been displaying as the league high scorer at 26.6ppg. These are definitly the teams to watch and will be the most exciting for any team coming up against them they will be hungry for a win. Keep an eye out and i hope your enjoying this season of the Australian National Basketball league as much as I am.

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