Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sam Young signs with the Sydney Kings with an NBA outclause

Former NBA player Sam Young has signed with Sydney Kings in the Australian NBL. His agent Joel Bell told RealGM.
"Sam had other options, but this one made the most sense and will pay him as the highest player in the league," Bell said.

His out clause allows him to return to the NBA at any time up to the Sydney Kings making the playoffs.  Sam young has played as a bench player in the NBA for the last 4 years. In his last year with the Pacers Young played as a defensive stopper on explosive wingmen. This may have been a signing directly aimed at stopping James Ennis and the Perth Wildcats. Young, a 6-foot-6 swingman, has also played with the Memphis Grizzlies and Philadelphia 76ers. If Sam Young can come and have as big an impact that James Ennis is having, the Sydney Kings are going to be a very dangerous team to any opposition.
Iv attached a pretty awesome highlight of Sam Young check it out. This guy can dunk with style.

Its awesome to see such big athletic players making it to the NBL instead of going straight to Europe or the D league. Australia is an excellent option over the D league as it gives the NBA out clause as well as paying up to 10x what some player get in the D league. I think the appearance of James Ennis has created a spotlight on the Australian NBL which is often otherwise overlooked by players hoping to make it to the NBA.

For the Kings the only question I guess is who got cut Jesse Sanders or Charles Carmouch? Jesse sanders was recruited for his passing and scrappy defensive plays. He has done exactly that, but Charles Carmouch has been hitting his shots and getting good numbers, again what he was hired for. In both aspects they have played equally well for their position, but my guess is head coach Shane Heal will stick with the shooter, others think he will have to keep Jesse Sanders as the Kings are weak at the point guard position but have plenty of scoring options. With this signing the Kings have become a team to watch out for. Charles Carmouch can shoot, control the ball and make assists or Jesse Sanders is good point guard who leads the team well, Ben Madgen and James Harvey have shown they can make the big plays and shots, and AJ Ogilvy can dominate on the inside. Add in an NBA forward and the Kings have become an excellent early pick for league champion before the Bookies change the odds. At the moment centrebet have the Kings at $10 as league champions. I might have a punt before we get to see how the Kings play with Young in the team. The Kings have a game this weekend and have not yet informed their current imports that one would be going home. This has left the Kings organization with egg on their face and may impact their game this weekend if they don't inform them who by tip off will be going home. It will be an interesting final game for one of Sydney's imports.

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