Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sydney Kings take down the Melbourne Tigers behind some big plays from NBA swingman Sam Young

Melbourne defeated Sydney 63-67 in what was a physical battle in Melbourne. Sam Young summed up the game well “They beat me up out there today,” Young said. The Kings went on t huge 24 point run in the fist and second quarters but Melbourne kept bringing them back in to keep it competitive going into the final minutes. Sam Young had a big second game in the league with a double double, scoring 27 points and 10 rebounds.
First play of the game play and Sydney get it into AJ Ogilvy twice but he wasn’t able complete getting the first points of the game from the foul line. On the other end Chris Goulding made a nice little fade away jump shot to get the Tigers on the board. Sam Young hit a jumper for the Kings, and Scott Morrison got a jam for the Tigers and both teams were off and it already looked to be a good game.
Chris Goulding got on fire early and hit his first 3 shots getting the Tigers an early lead 9-6. with 7:30 left in the first quarter.
Scott Morrison got a nice alley-oop jam off a Lucas Walker fast break and for Sydney Sam Young is looking unstoppable.
Half way into the first quarter the score is 11 all. Sam Young has been playing great ball on both ends of the floor and the Tigers have been on fire with Chris Goulding knocking down some tough shots.
Lucas walker got a nice block on Sam Young as he tried to be a one man fast break and then Young got his first big dunk of the game at 4 minutes left in the first quarter for the Kings to take the lead after a dry patch 11-13.
Sydney went on a 16 point run closing out the quarter 11-22.
Charles Carmouche opened the scoring in the second quarter with a drive and 3 point play. And then followed it up with a 3 over Scott Morrison and it's a jumped out to a 24 point run. Goulding finally broke the drought with a nice drive for the Tigers and its 13-30 with 8 minutes left to go in the second quarter.
Melbourne are worked their way back with some more hot shooting by Chris Gouldingg and it was 20-30 with 5 minutes left in the 2nd.
Sam Young flew above the crowd around him with a big tip in Jam. Then recieved his second hit in the face on the other end on defense. Young was matched up on Goulding to try to slow his offense as the defensive specialist in the Kings line up. Sam Young has a lot of talent and may be able to dominate this league.  He has a lot of ball control for a big man.
Nate Tomlinson hit a 3 and Melbourne had a 7-0 run to get the deficit to under 10 with only 2 minutes left in the half. Tom Garlepp got a shot off on the buzzer to keep the Kings up by 10 at the end of the first half 30-40.
At half time Sam young was on 12 points with 6 from 11 shooting and a couple of nice jams.
Opening the second half Nate Tomlinson hit a 15ft jumper and some good ball movement got Morrison an easy shot inside and the Tigers are on a come back.  
Sam Young gots the Kings fist points of the half with a fast break drive and a 3 point play.
With 4 minutes left in the 3rd the Tigers are back 41-43 and Sam Young and Mark Worthington having some words and were getting frustrated by the 3 minute mark the scores are tied 43-43. Shane Heal looks also to be getting frustrated and wasn't getting many call his way. The game is getting physical with MacMillan hitting the floor and had to take a seat.
Closing out the quarter the Kings held onto the lead 44-47 and in the final play Goulding made a nice drive but AJ Ogilvy knocked it off the rim.
4th quarter:
Mark Worthington opened scoring with a nice little shot under the basket for the Tigers and Charles Carmouch hits a 3 to start scoring for the Kings. Ogilvy is doing a good job blocking Goulding as he has been drove to the hole with another blocked shot.
Young hit a nice 3 which was nothing but net as the Kings get out to a 7 point lead with 6:30 to go, 50-57.
Goulding got a nice lay in going at the body of Sam Young bringing the deficit back to 3, 54-57.
Madgen hit a long 3 banked from the corner but Goulding hit a 3 and the Tigers will not go away as he tries to take the responsibilty of the offense on his shoulders.
With the Tigers only down by 2 Goulding got a steal and Farrakhan got Morrison the ball to flush it through the ring and the scores are tied again 62-62 with only 2 minutes to go.
In what was probably the play of the game to secure the Kings the win, Sam young got the Kings back the lead with a strong drive against Chris Goulding and did it again up against Mark Worthington taking the Kings lead to 4 points with only 19 seconds left in the game. Young then hit a couple of free throws and the Kings win the game 63-67.

The difference in the game came down to rebounds in a stat that has dominated most wins of the season with the Kings getting the majority, 38-32. The Tigers dominated on the assists 14-6 in a stat line that the will be difficult for the Kings to pick up without a strong point guard on the roster.
Shane Heal had a few great in game reffing quotes"
"He came out from the NBA to get bashed like that. This game has been reffed differently then the last 8 games. Both teams it's a wrestle."
Sam Young agreed with him in a post game interview saying,
“They beat me up out there today,”
“Every day is a learning process for me. It’s just something I have to get used to [the physicality] because it’s not like that in the NBA.”
 Sydney Kings 67 (Young 27, Carmouche 14, Ogilvy 10)
Melbourne Tigers 63 (Morrison 20, Goulding 20)

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