Friday, 18 October 2013

The Perth Wildcats wear down the Kings to take their second win

The Perth Wildcats defeated the Sydney Kings 81-65 in a game that was a lot closer then the final score made it look. The Perth Wildcats finally managed to break out from the Kings in the last 7 minutes of the game when Charles Carmouche got his 5th foul and had to sit out. From their it was all the Wildcats. This game had some spectacular highlights with 3 huge dunks from James Ennis. I don't think the NBL has seen a player like him since Leonard Copeland, I'm doubtful the Heat wont call him back sooner rather then later. Looks like he has great potential.

The Kings have become a very well structured team and to head coach Shane Heals credit i think  they may be a sleeper this season and will quietly notch up wins. No one seems to give the Kings much respect but I think Shane has put together a very strong team, eliminating some deficiencies they had last season with some excellent recruiting.
Sydney came out with a good start and Perth were looking a little sluggish with Ennis carrying them on offense getting the first 11 of Perths 13 points. Carmouch for the Kings penetrated with ease and looks to be very quick. Perth managed to hold onto the Kings not letting them break away and finished the first quarter at 20 all.
The fans were a bit quiet in the second quarter and  the music was pumped up. I don't like the music too loud i think its a club killer. Gold Coast did it and i believe it brought down attendances then Townsville was the same last season. I hope Perth is carefull with it.
Jesse Sanders played very well and was constantly compared to Damian Martin by the commentators but that does look like his style of game. He works hard, plays good D and gets assists. He will complement the Kings shooters (James Harvey, Ben Madgen and Brad Hill well). The Kings continued their good performance in the second with James Ennis being brought back on with the Kings up 35-39 to drop a 3 making it 38-41 at the end of the first half.
Sanders continues his good form in the second half driving into Shawn Redhage as he flops to the ground and got a warning for flopping. Both teams are played excellent defence and wasnt letting either team get a decent lead. Carmouch got his 4th foul with 5 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter and had to take a seat. James Ennis got a steal and leads a fast break into an assist as the wildcats take the biggest lead yet of 5 points. Almost straight after Ennis got a fast break and flies with his amazing athleticism making a Huge Dunk. The Kings unrattled maintained their composure with Brad Hill making some great plays keeping the Kings alive. The 3rd quarter comes to close at 54-54.
Opening the final term the crowd erupts in the Perth Arena and Jermaine Beal lands his first 3 pointer in the game. At a tied game 60-60 Carmouch unluckily got his 5th foul with 7 minutes left.
Brad Hill picked up his game this season and showed Shawn Redhage how its done as he makes a mid range jumper trying to bring the Kings back.
Perth started to break away from Sydney when James Ennis makes a massive dunk off a steal and fast break taking the lead back out to 5, 67-62. Straight away Ennis got another fast break and dropped a finger roll layup through the net as he decided to take it up a notch. A big dunk like we saw twice can be a game changer and motivates the team to pick up it also shakes up the opposition as the Kings started to look rattled. The kings couldnt get a call as Perth started to extend their lead and as AJ ogilvy is left rolling on the ground off a no call, Shawn Redhage drops a long bomb taking the game out to 10 points with 2 minutes left. The wildcats must have decided it was show time as Beal makes a steal and gives it up to Ennis who crashes another huge dunk with 3 point play then takes a seat.
The final score leapt out to perth 81 Sydney 65.
In a tight game James Ennis made a highlight real the likes the NBL hasn't seen since the 90's. He finished with 27 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists.
Sydney's shooting really let them down this week shooting 5% from long range and 27% from the free throw line. Hopefully Madgen when fully healthy can get back to his form from last year later in the season and the
Kings can show what potential they have, but for now the Wildcats are on a 2-0 winning streak at home and we'll see if they can continue the run as they take on the Melbourne Tigers on Sunday in Melbourne.

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