Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Mathew Dellavedova looking good to make the final Cleveland Cavaliers roster

Mathew Dellavadova looks good to get a shot in the NBA with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Head Coach Mike Brown may have let out the final selections for the Cleveland Caveliers final 2 roster spots after mondays game. “We have four rookies,” he said. “Two of them will be undrafted in Henry Sims and Dellavedova.” Those two players are expected to earn the last two roster spots.
During the Preseason Mike Brown has been playing Kyrie Irving and Dellavedova together on the floor to open up Kyrie as a shooting guard and to decrease his pressure at the point. 
“It gives Kyrie a chance to do something different,” he said. “The defense has to adjust to something different. It gives (Irving) an opportunity to play off the basketball. It puts two really good primary ball handlers on the floor. It gives you a lot of flexibility.”
Mathew Dellavedova was given a chance to show his skills when the Cavaliers no. 2 point guard Jarret Jack had to sit out due to injuries. Kyrie Irving looks to enjoy playing the 2 spot with an ease of pressure running the point.
"For the first time in my first three years I can actually play there comfortably now,'' Irving said after Monday's game. "I know all the positions on the floor, especially from the 2-spot. It allows me to not exert so much energy dribbling the ball, especially at the top of the key. I get to come off some screens. It's something we go through every day in practice. Me being at the 2-spot just opens up the lane for our bigs and our shooters in the corner.''
Lets hope he makes the roster and gets to see some decent minutes during the regular season.

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