Wednesday, 23 October 2013

New Zealand Breakers face the Perth Wildcats in Auckland: Preview

The Perth wildcats are on a 3-0 winning streak which may come to an end against the New Zealand Breakers in Auckland on Thursday. This will be a great game with last years two championship teams battling it out. The Breakers should have the edge with it being at their home court but Perth gave them a thrashing in their first game on home soil last year. So will we see a repeat or will the breakers manage to stop the run the wildcats are hoping to get as the season is only begining to start. The match up of Tom Abercrombie and James Ennis will be exciting to see with these two being some of the most athletic players in the leageu and im expecting to see some big plays above the ring. The Wildcats look to be in good form and the additition of James Ennis has bolstered the lineup to be a very tough team to beat. For the breakers to get the win they will have to try to contain Ennis. He has seen to nearly be unstoppable and if that again is the case they must limit the offensive presence Shawn Redhage and Tom Jervis can have. When the wildcats have faltered this season to much offense has been run through Ennis and the rest of the team dried up on shooting. But locking out players like Damian Martin and Shawn Redhage will be very tough for the breakers. The Breakers are on a bit of loosing streak, going 0-2 in the North Qld weekend last ruond and if this is still in their head a team with head full of steam like the Wildcats may yet run them off the court. On offense i think the Breakers have everything they need to get a win. With a healthy CJ bruton and Kerron Johnson running the lanes with his impressive speed offense shouldnt be a problem, containing the Wildcats may be their toughest trial. Centrebet is paying Perth $2.60 and New Zealand $1.50 for the win. With a payout like that a bet on Perth would not go astray as they have had 3 back to back wins and New Zealand are coming off two losses. But how big an effect the home court has can never be calculated.
This will be a close game and i think the home court advantage will be the difference with the Breakers getting up on the Wildcats by 2.

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