Thursday, 10 October 2013

Round 1 Preview: Perth Wildcats vs Adelaide 36ers

This game is one I have been looking forward to. The Adelaide 36ers have done well when playing in Perth since last season and the Perth team looks to be very strong even after having lost several players in the off season. Getting to see James Ennis play in a legitamite league game would be worth the entry alone. However this game may be more of a one sided battle then I had hoped with the 36ers down two starting players in Adam Gibson and Jarrid Frye. Adam Gibson is the 36ers on court team leader and is their best defensive player his loss will be key in this game. Also Frye looks to be an excellent pick up for the 36ers with a strong offensive skill set. It will make the game a lot tougher for the rest of the team with these two on the sidelines, hoever when you have as deep a bench as the 36ers have they still might give Perth a run for their money. Gary Ervin said he is out to prove something in this game and Jason Cadee should see this as an opportunity to show he is ready to lead a team as a starting point guard. Mitch Creek can also see this as an opportunity for more minutes and a chance to show off his skill set as well. So as much as it looks like Perth should be able to run away with a win I dont think the 36ers will let them. Perth are the powerhouse team they have always been and with the loss of Kevin Lisch in the offseason the pick up of James Ennis is a massive coupe for the Wildcats. A key factor ging into Round 1 for the Wildcats is the loss of Matt Knight who is still out with injury. The wildcats may be weak on the inside and with the height of Luke Schencher and Daniel Johnson to contend with this could become a spot that the 36ers can utilise. This game although tipped in Perths favour may be a close game but Perth should be able to take the win so long as they can contain Ervin. Im sure Damian Martin will be guarding Ervin which may open up Cadee to lead the team from the point utilising the bigs inside for their offensive presence. Im looking forward to see how Joey wright utilises the 36ers for this game against last years championship runner up team. Adelaide may have the deepest bench in the league and that may be their saving grace in round 1, but we have seen how a deep bech doesnt always bring the wins from the Gold Coast Blaze a few years ago who were knocked out in the semu finals and had a surprisingly similar line up to the Adelaide 36ers of this year.

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