Monday, 30 July 2012

Australia loses to Brazil 75-71

In a game that ended up going down to the wire Brazil came up triumphant 71-75. Channel 9 did a terrible job on the broadcast as usual but at least showed the last quarter which unfortunately was all I got a chance to catch. Brazil took control in the third quarter of the game after a close first two halves the had an early 10 point lead. Australia's 3 point shooting was woeful in those first 3 quarters but managed to hit a few in the fourth, combined with some fast transition plays got us back to a manageable figure. Some big shots and plays from Anderson continued the trend till we were down by 2 with 28 seconds left on the Clock. From here some good defence held Brazil from scoring till a foot fault from Australia restarted the Shot clock to 14 second with 9 seconds left in the game. On the inbound pass Patty Mills nearly made a miracle interception but missed and had to foul the Brazil player who made both shots to finish the game 71-75. It was good effort to get back into game and took it to the wire but just fell short. I was surprised they did not play Peter Crawford he would be their best three point shooter and when they needed some big shots to go in Brett Brown didn't give him the nod. I Was dissapointed in his coaching their, the boomers really looked liked they needed an offensive presence that could drain the long ball. Their were some questionable technical foul calls through the game but it was a good close game that in the end could have gone either way and was a great effort from the Boomers who were playing a strong Brazil line up with a couple of NBA players.

Barbosa 16pts, 4 rebounds
Huertas 15pts, 4 rebounds
Varejao 12pts, 7 rebounds
Nene 10 points, 7 rebounds
Splitter 7 pts, 7 rebounds

Mills 18pts, 7 rebounds
Ingles 15pts, 3 rebounds
Andersen 14pts, 8 rebounds
Baynes 10pts, 5 rebounds
Dellavedova 6pts, 3 rebounds

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