Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Anthony Petrie signs with the Adelaid 36ers

Anthony Petrie has signed a deal to play for the adelaide 36ers for 2 years. Petrie joins former Blaze player Jason Cadee with the Adelaide 36ers and it is rumoured that Adam Gibson may also end up in Adelaide. The 36ers have done a good job in recruiting this offseason having now nearly completed a strong all Aussie line up. It is unclear at this stage whether the coaches will stick with an all aussie line up if they manage to get Gibson or if they will go for a strong import instead. The import shot can be tricky not knowing what your going to get when they play in our league. The 36ers experienced this first hand with their import recuit last year Showron Glover, who did not stack up and ended up getting sent home. In my opinion Petrie is one of the most underated players in the league and his contribution to the 36ers line up has formed a very strong front court, combining with Daniel johnson last years most improved player and the big red Luke Schencher as the centre. As it stands the Adelaide 36ers line up looks like:
Center: Schenscher, possibly a Backup Big to be recruited
Forwards: Johnson, Petrie, Weigh, Creek
Guards:, Cadee, Crosswell, (possibly Gibson and back up shooter)
A strong recruiting season and hopefully a strong season will be ahead for the Adelaide 36ers.

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