Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Aaron Baynes has a huge game for the Spurs against the Toronto Raptors

Arron Baynes got to play some decent minutes with the Spurs back up centre Tiago Splitter injured and out for the night. He played 21 minutes and had a career high 14 points and 6 rebounds he was also a monster on defense shutting down the Raptors centre Jonas Valuciunis. Baynes has struggled to get some decent court time with the Spurs lately and spent some time in the NBA D league where he immediately dominated and was quickly brought back into the line up. Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich had this to say on Baynes "[Aron] Baynes did a great job. He hasn't played that much but he went down to the D-League and played a few games to stay in shape, kept himself ready and it showed tonight. He came in and did a really good job for us."
Patty Mills played 16 minutes and had 11 points off 3-4 shooting from the 3 point line. Their was  great play where Baynes saved the ball from out of bounds and threw it up where Bellinelli got his hands on it and with a no look pass got the ball to an open Patty Mills for the 3 pointer. It was a good game and great to see the Aussies getting some decent minutes and being productive with what their given.

Check out Baynes making the highlight real with the play of the game
 And heres his highlights from the D league game that got him back into the Spurs line up. Looks like he has carried some of that confidence over to the NBA. I really hope we get to see more of him on the floor.

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