Monday, 23 April 2012

Perth Defeat New Zeland 87-86

The New Zealand Breakers fell to the Perth Wildcats with a huge block on CJ Bruton by Shawn Redhage in the final seconds of game 2 in IINet NBL championships. With 9 seconds left on the clock CJ Bruton opts to go for himself shaking one defender lay up a soft floater when Shawn Redhage Flies out to block the shot. This would have been even more spectacular had the refs not decided the game by stopping play twice during break away run for the breakers within the the last 1min 30 seconds.

This was a very tough game and was another classic for the series. The New Zealand Breakers led for the majority of the game going into the first quarter break at 28-26.It was tight close game that showed who in each team would really step up and play there part. The first quarter saw 6 lead changes. In the second quarter the breakers stepped the game up a level. CJ Bruton was the man in the first half. He couldn't be stopped whether he was draining 3's from the perimeter, Shaking defenders and driving or making the pass for the assist. He was everywhere. Perth Quickly upped the defensive pressure going into the second half on CJ, he finished with 20 points at 63% from the long range.
A minor scuffle between Kevin Lisch and Dillon Boucher brought Wilkinson in on the action and the refs responded with a tech foul on Wilkinson. This turned onto a 6 point play from Kevin Lisch and may have been the start of the Wildcats come back. But Wilkinson scored a quick 4 points going into half time with the breakers up by 8 points.

The Wildcats came out fast in the 3rd quarter and went on a 7 point run till wilkinson responded. Wilkinson had a huge game leading all scoring with 28 points 7 rebounds and 5 assists. The score going into the final quarter was 76-71 going to the breakers. Cedric Jackson drained a 3 pointer and Luke Neville slammed down a dunk. The final quarter was intense both team were giving it there all to get the win. This was when the refs decided to step in and take the game. with the breakers up by 1 a quick play of the ball off the sideline saw Cedric Jackson running the court when the ref blows the whistle to clean up the sweat on the other end of the court. A very bad time to stop the play for the breakers and a lucky break for the Wildcats. Then with 40 seconds left on the Clock Abercrombie makes a steal and the ball hits the ref, he gets the ball and has an open break away to the basket when the ref accidentally blows the whistle the players are confused he blows it again and stops the play. It was a guaranteed 2 points that were stolen by the ref. As Wilkinson and Matt Knight are competing for the rebound wilkinson inadvertently tips it in the wildcats end giving them the Lead by 1. With 9 seconds on the clock CJ's floater is blocked buy Redhage and the Wildcats get the win.
The Refs decided that game and its sad to see. Because i think the wildcats still may have gotten up without the refs help but now we will never know.
The final game is on tonight at 10.30 on oneHD. As Cal Bruton said this is shaping up to be one of the best NBL Championships of all time. I just hope the refs let the players decide the game not the bad calls.

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