Saturday, 14 April 2012

Diamon Simpson to the Rockets

Adelaide 36ers Diamon Simpson has been called up by the Huston rockets to play out the rest of their season with the #20 Jersey. This is a huge step for Simpson who made an impact for the injury impacted Adelaide 36ers throughout the season. He averaged 14.3 points, 8.6 rebounds and 1.5 blocks for the 36ers for the season.

Personally i'm surprised of all the players this year in the league that he got the call. He made a huge impact for the team, is big strong and athletic and an impressive baller but against other players this year he's far from the best. Thomas Abercrombie with the New Zealand breakers looked to be the next player to make the jump to the states but playing the finals maybe his timing was off. However I thought Jullian Khazzou would have been a better pick but he may be under other contracts with the Golden State Warriors. But during games Simpson was often not on the court when they needed him the most, this may have been coaching issues but Simpsons game fitness just did not look up to scratch.

Congratulations to Diamon Simpson and I hope he really has an impact on the NBA he is a good baller and with a chance he can show what his got. I think it also shows the high quality of players in the NBL at the moment for a player that was not an out and out star of the league (Cedric Jackson, Adris Deleon, Kevin Lisch, Jullian Khazzou, Gary Wilkinson)  to make the NBA. 

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