Sunday, 2 November 2014

Brock Motum signs with the Adelaide 36ers

Brock Motum who was recently released from the Utah Jazz was picked up by the Adelaide 36ers. This is a huge signing for the 36ers who now have two world cup boomers team mates in Adam Gibson and now Brock Motum. Brock Motum is a 6 foot 9 inch power forward who shoots at a decent clip from the 3 point range. The 36ers have been looking for a shooting big after losing the teams MVP Daniel Johnson who decided to take his talents overseas.
With this recent acquisition the 36ers had to release a player with a 10 point rating from the squad. This means their import forward Dequon Montreal had to be released from his contract. Montreal the former SEABL star was fully aware of the negotiations.
The Adelaide 36ers today won their game against the New Zealand breakers 93-86 and moved to a 3-2 win record. Adam Gibson had a big game finishing with 34 points, 9 assists, 6 steals and 6 rebounds. Gibsons partner in the back court Brandan Teys also had a good game tallying a personal record of 23 points. A lot of the scoring responsibility was put on their shoulders with injured players Jamar Wilson and Mitch Creek out injured.
Brock Motum will join the team and hopefully suit up with the 36ers in their next game against the Sydney Kings which should also see Josh Childress rejoin the Kings after his suspension.

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