Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Chris Goulding's preseason injury wont end his season

Chris Goulding was injured during the Melbourne vs Townsville game of the NBL's preseason Blitz tournament in Sydney. Goulding came down on a Townsville players foot while attempting a 3 point jumpshot and has injured his ankle. It was looking like a season ending injury for Chris but luckily for Melbourne he should recover to return to the league by some time in November. This was looking like a big blow to the Melbourne Tigers with Chris being a rising star in the franchise and was the Tigers MVP last season. Goulding also got an invite to play with the Cleveland Cavaliers Summer league team and since his confidence and abilities have been looking even better then last year. Lets hope he can recover quickly and return to the excellent form he was in during the preseason. Melbourne Tigers head coach Chris Anstey has not yet decided as to if he will find a short term replacement for Chris but has stated it may be an option. “If Chris' injury drags out longer then we would like some insurance on our roster,” Anstey said.

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